J and K Pressure Washing Services


Whether it's a deep clean for your patio, or your siding has grime and crud built up from years of weather and elements - we can help with professional, quick pressure washing services. Don't wait to get started, and contact us today to schedule your services!


stone and concrete

When it comes to stone or concrete surfaces at your home or business, crud, grime, and sediment can build up over the years, causing discolorations and unsightly spots on your patio, sidewalk, driveway and other surfaces. The pros at J and K Pressure Washing have experience in removing these deep-stains, and making your concrete and stone surfaces look like new. Don't wait to get started. Contact us today!


Siding And Exterior

Your home's siding and exterior surfaces build-up crud, grime, dirt, and discolorations over the years, just like any other outdoor surface. With pressure washing from J and K Pressure Washing, your home or business can look just like new. We can schedule your services today, provide competitive rates, and get your exterior looking brand new. Don't hesitate. Call us to setup your appointment today!


Decks and Porches

We regularly service wooden surfaces around people's homes! From decks, patios, porches, and fences, to any other exterior surface - Pressure Washing has many benefits including improving the look and longevity of your exterior surfaces. If your wood looks like it has built up grime, lost its original color, or has spots and discolorations, call us today to schedule your appointment for professional Pressure Washing and get back to looking like new!